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From power windows that don't close, to dim headlights and a radio that won't play, your car's electrical issues can be frustrating. And some, like your air bag and ABS brakes, can be dangerous. Whether the repair requires replacing a few fuses or replacing your battery, DR Auto's ASE certified technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve your electrical issues.


These days, your vehicle requires a complicated system of electrical circuits to produce, store, and distribute the electricity it requires for everyday operation.

Maintenance Tip

Keeping your battery's terminals clean from corrosion will help prevent problems starting your car.

The first major component in the electrical system is the battery. The battery is used to store power for starting your vehicle. The battery also operates other electrical devices and functions such as the radio, clocks, defroster, door locks, and alarms. The battery also operates functions such as the sun roof and power windows while the vehicle is powered off.

The next major component is the starter motor, which is used to start the engine. The third component is the alternator, a charging device powered by the engine. The alternator powers the electrical system when the car is running, and restores the charge within the battery.

Car Battery and Electrical System

With these basic components, the car maintains its supply of electricity. In addition, a device called the voltage regulator keeps the power level stabilized and the fuse box keeps minor problems from becoming major ones.

For Quality Car Battery Replacement and Electrical Work, Call Us Today!


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