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An oil change at DR Auto & Truck Repair is quite extensive. While draining the old dirty oil, our ASE certified technician gives each vehicle a courtesy 30 point vehicle inspection and replaces the oil filter at no extra charge. We will inform you of any brake wear or oil leaks that need to be addressed. We also properly adjust all tire pressures and top off all low fluids.

Maintenance Tip

Car and truck oil changes are the single best, inexpensive investment you can make to prevent major car repairs and their associated costs!


Every engine on the road operates at very high temperatures. Over time, this causes thermal breakdown in the engine oil. Different parts of the engine can rub together if not lubricated properly. Changing the oil in your vehicle will help improve your vehicle's engine protection, keeping it running at its highest ability.


The question isn't whether or not to change your oil, but rather how often it should be changed. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend you have the oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (review your owner's manual to see the recommended time for your particular vehicle). However, your personal driving habits (high speed driving or carrying heavy loads), the type of motor oil used, and the climate you drive in (extreme temperatures or driving on dirt roads) are all factors that determine the life of your oil. Our technicians here at DR Auto & Truck can help you determine the appropriate interval for you vehicle.


Need a Reminder

We realize that your car's maintenance may not be at the top of your to do list. Let us help you. Simply sign up for our "Care Care Alert" service and DR Auto will promptly notify you (via email or phone call) when your car is due for an oil or fluid change. Click here to sign up now!

Just like your engine oil, there are other vital fluids that require changing at various manufacturer's recommended intervals. Our flush services include:

  • Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is pumped from the pedal to the brake and assists in stopping your car. Over time this fluid can break down which results in reduced pressure and less efficient braking.
  • Power Steering fluid makes maneuvering vehicles easier by using a hydraulic pump and cylinder to assist the driver when steering. Over time, it can become dirty and act as an abrasive within the steering system. When this occurs, it should be flushed out completely and and replaced with new fluid.
  • Automatic Transmission fluid provides the hydraulic power used by an automatic transmission to perform its basic functions such as gear changing, transmission engagement/disengagement, and downshifting.
  • Cooling System/Anti-Freeze keeps your engine cool by circulating fluid through the engine (with extreme temperatures) to your vehicle's radiator where it can be released.

On four-wheel drive vehicles, the front and rear differential fluid along with the transfer case fluid also needs to be changed. This service is commonly known as a 4x4 service.

For Thorough Car and Truck Oil Changes and Fluid Services, Call Us Today!


4100 S. Federal Blvd. Sheridan, CO 80110

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